Apple Blackberry Pie

January 26th 2008

After watching an episode of Jamie Oliver’s new show, Jamie at Home, I made apple blackberry pie using blackberries bought from our local farmer’s market. It was my first attempt at making dessert-y pie; I’ve twice made Alton Brown’s crazy tasty Curry Chicken Pot Pie to much delight of the wife. This new pie turned out quite well, the blackberries mingled with the granny smiths and braeburns I used to give it a well rounded tart and sweet flavor. I’m all about the tart and sweet when it comes to pie, strawberry rhubarb is my favorite (pumpkin close runner-up).

The crust for this pie was quite different then what I’m used to: it was a shortbread crust complete with heart-stopping amounts of butter. Crumbly, but oh so tasty. I’ve had the worst luck making pie crusts but this one worked out fairly well apart from making a terrible mess. Tonight I took the rest of the dough, rolled it into a log, sliced it into half-inch pieces, sprinkled it with lavender sugar that the wife had picked up, and baked it in a 350 degree oven for around 18 minutes. Leftover pie crust shortbread cookies!

I’ve been enjoying the new Jamie at Home show, it has a quiet calmness about it due to the refreshing lack of background music. The one insanely irritating thing is that they don’t publish all of the recipes on the web site. The pie episode we were watching had a fabulous recipe for Steak, Guinness and Cheese Pie but the recipe is nowhere to be found. The deplorable state of the Food Network’s website in general is a rant for another day. The only mention of the missing recipes (besides the ranting in the available recipe comments) was this blurb on the show’s main page:

Please note that only two recipes from each Jamie at Home episode will appear online. Also, access to recipes is limited to users within the United States.

A little explanation would be nice!

In any case the web comes to the rescue with the missing recipe. Yay interwebs!

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